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China Quartz Stone Countertop

The main ingredient of quartz stone is quartz. The rich color combinations make it have the texture of the natural stone and beautiful shiny surface. Quartz countertops have a great

number of different colors, the more distinguish one such as Gobi series, Crystal series, Granite series, and shiny series can be widely used in the fields of public buildings (hotels,

restaurants, banks, hospitals, exhibitions, laboratories, etc.) And home decoration (kitchen countertops, sink, kitchen walls, tables, coffee table, window sills, door pockets, etc.). It is

a new interior decoration material used for buildings which has no radioactive contamination, but is reusable and green. It should be pointed out that, the quality of the quartz is directly

related to the resin. The higher the quartz content of the Quartz stone is and the lower the amount of resin is, the better the quality of the quartz stone is, and it will be closer to the

natural products, and not easily to deform. Experts point out that, when the content of the resin of the quartz is higher than 10%, its corresponding technical specifications will decline,

and then this kind of quartz cannot be called real quartz.

Macostone suggests to use quartz stone countertop instead of the stainless countertop.

Quartz Stone Countertop Style

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