Carrara Series


Price: USD50-100/SQM
Model: MC8015
Delivery: 30DAYS
Specification: 1400X3000MM,1600X3200MM
Payment Terms: T/T
Macostone is professional in quartz surface manufacturing and quartz stone countertop fabricating.
Macostone can provide kitchen countertop, toilet countertop, workbench, table top, etc .
Macostone have begun production since2005, And our products have been exported to more than 30 countries.

Macostone Detail:
1.Maco Quartz stone is made up of 93% of quartz sand and 7% of resin
2.Quartz surface has many advantages, such as: high temperature resistance, high rigidity, burst resistance, no radiation, easily to be cleaned, and etc.
3.Macostone can provide 1400*3000,720*3000 and other sizes, or you can customize according to your needs
4.MOQ for regular colors is 30 pcs, MOQ for customized color is 50 pcs
5.Quartz stone countertops can be used for: Kitchen countertops, flooring, bathroom countertops, wall, floating windows, stairs
6.Packing: wood pallet fumigation which has been fumigated
7.Delivery time: 15-20 days after payment
Packing detail:
3000x1400mm 12 175 7 22050
3000x1400mm 15 140 7 22400
3000x1400mm 20 108 7 22680
3000x1400mm 30 72 7 22680
Quartz Stone Processing Factory
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Kitchen top,Vanity top,Laboratory top,Bar top,Window sill,Wall &Floor tile,Fireplace and Block floor
Quartz Stone Chair Different Colors
Quality control:
Quality assured by professional QC from raw material selection to manufacturing,processing,packaging and encasing.
Macostone Technical indexes:
Maco quartz stone, marble, granite, glass-ceramic composites and glass-ceramic plate performance parameters
Serial No. Detection Project Test results
quartz stone Marble Granite Glass-ceramic Composite plate Glass-ceramics pyroceram
1 Fracture modulus(dry) 45.6MPa ≥7.0MPa ≥8.0MPa ≥35.0MPa ≥35.0MPa
2 Fracture modulus(wet) 45.8MPa ≥7.0MPa ≥8.0MPa ≥35.0MPa ≥35.0MPa
3 compression strength (dry) 171.0MPa ≥50.0MPa ≥100.0MPa ≥100.0MPa  
4 compression strength(wet) 222.0MPa ≥50.0MPa ≥100.0MPa ≥100.0MPa  
5 Water absorption 0.02% ≤0.5% ≤0.6% ≤0.6%  
6 Volume density 2.36g/cm3 ≥2.3g/cm3 ≥2.56g/cm3 ≥2.4g/cm3  
7 Mo's hardness 6~7级 4~5级 6~7级 5~6级 5~6级
8 Degree of wear ≤70mm3 ≥10cm3 ≤150mm3 ≤150mm3 ≤150mm3
9 Impact strength 1kg heavy solid steel ball 30cm from the height of quartz rock falls, quartz stone surface dose not crack.
10 Surface quality Non-repudiation side, angle intact, no surface is greater than 2 millimeters in diameter for the obvious holes, no scratches, no cracks, no bonding, no batches of the same color.
11 Radioactive Irradiation index
(A Class:Ira≤1.0)
A Class:Ira≤1.0
B Class:Ira≤1.3
A Class:Ira≤1.0
B Class:Ira≤1.3
<0.1 A Class A Class
External exposure
(A Class:Ira≤1.3)
A Class:Ir≤1.3
B Class:Ir≤1.3
C Class:Ir≤2.8
A Class:Ir≤1.3
B Class:Ir≤1.3
C Class:Ir≤2.8

Please Email Our Sales epartment, We will provide more valuable infomation to you, Email:

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