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Company profile

MACOSTONE is the leading manufacturer of engineered quartz stone surface and tiles, and also has tile production line and countertops fabrication plant.

We have been pursuing the most strict quality control system to produce high quality quartz stone slabs which can meet the requirements of the various technical indicators of the international famous brands.

Our modern production equipment can produce 500,000 square quartz slabs annually, and the countertops fabrication plant enjoys a monthly yield of 20 containers' countertops. We can produce all kinds of fashionable designs range from 12mm to 30mm.

Macostone Introduction
  • About Production Line

    Production line is our strength,we designed different production line according to different designs. There's no quartz stone factory armed with imported production line in China. Macostone is capable to solve problems in production and equipment, so as to obtain efficient and stable production and quality.

  • About Countertop Fabrication

    In 2002, when we were machinery manufacture, we started our workshop for quartz stone fabrication, meanwhile doing research on machinery. As for the domestic and foreign orders, we accumulated valuable experience and abundant resources, trained outstanding staffs, set up appropriate workflow and QC system.

  • About Colors and Designs

    China mainly imitated foreign designs before 2010. In 2013, our innovative designs helped our customers get the significant advantage in the international market competition and out sales climbed. The innovative designs are crucial for sales. We must sure guarantee quality of the existing designs and take the advantage

  • About Quality Control

    QC for quartz surface to carry out good quality product is more rigorous and comprehensive, since the raw material of quartz surface is natural quartz. We did strictly QC from selection of raw materials, the resin, machinery maintenance and many other aspects. In production process, there're many matters needing correct QC.

  • About Other Relevant Products

    Relevant products sourcing is the service provided to our client in order to minimize their cost and enhance the business convenience and market competitiveness. Relevant products include cabinets, hardware, accessories, tools, advertising materials, promotional items, office supplies, labor protection appliance

  • About Our Service

    Timely and efficient communication is the first requirement of our service. Be the assistant of our clients, let your order in the simplest and easiest way. Report and remind all the things that you care. You know all the things without checking.We also provide service of helping customers to do network planning

Macostone Service
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