MACOSTONE Company Consists:

1.Slabs Production Factory (Located In Jiang Xi Province)
2.Countertops processing factory (Located in Jiang Xi Province & Guangzhou Province)
3.Quartz Sand Production Factory (Located in Jiang Xi Province)

Departments Structure:

1.Board of Directors
2.General Manager Office
3.Administration Department
4.Production Department
5.Quality Control Department
6.Countertops Production Department
7.Sales Department
8.After-sales Service Department
9.General Affairs Office
10.Planning Department
11.Finance Department

Brief Introduction Of The Function Of Every Department:

1. Board of Directors
Board of Directors is responsible for the decision of the company's major matters, for example: the decision of investing in the construction of the resin production factory which produces resin only for quartz stone, investing in the construction of the equipment researching and developing factory which produces equipment for quartz only, and etc.

2. General Manager Office
It is responsible for the company's overall operations. At the same time, it should supervise and guide the work of its subordinate departments, and should directly lead the quality control department.

3. Administration Department
Administration department is responsible for the administrative affairs and the human resource management of the company. It should implement the department strategies, employee management strategy, and technology R & D strategy.

4. Quality control Department:
Quality control department is directly leaded by the general manager. With the attitude of being responsible for the healthy development of company and customers’ interests, it is free from the interventions of the other departments, and hold a strictly control to the production quality.

5. Production department
Production department is subordinated by Technical Research and Development Department. It is responsible for the normal operation of the production, including the production of the quartz slabs, producing and purchasing of the quartz sand. It is also responsible for the new design, the researching and developing of the new technology. So as to ensure the company can achieve innovations in time.

6. Countertops Production Department

Countertops Production Department can calculate the running cost independently so as to develop the advantage of further processing fully. With the advantages of processing, fast processing speed and strict order management, the countertops processing can become one of the advantages of our company.

7. Sales Department
Sales Department is subordinated by Domestic Sales Department and Overseas Sales Department. The main task for it is to promote and introduce our company to the other companies, and carry out the joining of the key work.

8. After-sales Service Department
After-sales Service Department is subordinated by domestic After-sales Service Department and Overseas After-sales Service Department. Tasks for it is to establish long-term, stable and efficient communication channels with customers, actively and seriously follow up customer’s orders, meet customer’s needs, and improve customer’s satisfaction and recognition of us.

9. General Affairs Office
It is responsible for the company’s rear services, public issues, public facilities maintenance and construction, company’s culture promotion, company’s public relations matters.

10. Planning Department
It is responsible for company planning and product planning, research industry resources, customization and implementation of short-term goal and long-term planning. It is also for the company's overall marketing and strategy, including flat promotion, network promotion, and channel promotion.

Welcome to MACOSTONE!

Hope We Can Work Together To Achieve Long-term Development~~~~~~

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